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In 1985, A pathology short course was organized to include members of the Lauren Ackerman pathology family tree

Imagine how wonderful it must have been to listen to these giants of anatomic pathology and learn right from the source!

Each of them has obviously touched all practicing pathologists of their vintage and beyond. A real spectacular piece of pathology history that was initially found in an old poster roll container in the recesses of the Stanford Resident room.

Hey! Why don't you check out some of these cool infographics and tumor charts that I've updated?

A CNS tumor map

An updated CNS tumor map for 2020, with integration of molecular genetics and provisional entities

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A breast tumor map

An updated breast tumor map split by ER status and morphometric features

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A rhabdomyosarcoma infographic

An overview of molecular genetics underpinning different rhabdomyosarcoma groups

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