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Happy New Year!

This site is now entering its 8th year of serving pathology tools to people around the world. Thank you to everyone for your support and feedback!

Here are a few notable milestones for the site as we end 2018:

  • Over 200 new user sign-ups in 2018, an incredible growth of the platform
  • Recently passed 1000 canned macros for surgical reports
  • Added two new A-Z histology atlases (thank you to pathology Twitter) for Lymph node and Head/Neck pathology
  • Lots of new friends using the site across the globe (still trying to get a user in Greenland through!)

Contact Me

As always, your feedback is very important and useful to me. I always appreciate hearing from other pathologists and laboratory staff in how they use this website. If you like the work I've done, found a bug or would like to offer some ideas on other tools, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

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