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ATRX mutation

BRAF mutation
BRAF rearrangement
Beta-catenin mutation
Beta-catenin nuclear IHC
C19MC alteration
1p/19q codeletion
Chromosome 7 gain
PTEN deletion
PTEN mutation
EGFR amplification
EGFRvIII mutation
FGFR1 mutation
H3 gene family mutation

Alk alteration
NTRK alteration
BCOR alteration
SMARBC1 alteration
IDH1/2 mutation
Isochromosome 17q
MGMT promoter methylation
MYC amplification
MYCN amplification
NAB2-STAT6 fusion
RELA fusion
TERT promoter mutation
TP53 mutation
YAP1 fusion
Other cytogenetic findings:
Other molecular findings: