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Specimen Laterality

Tumor Size (cm)

+ Additional dimensions of multiple tumors (if necessary)

Tumor Focality

Tumor Extent (applicable to resection specimens only) (select all that apply)
Gerota’s Fascia
Renal Sinus
Renal Vein
Renal Capsule
Adjacent Organ Involvement


Histologic Type

+ Nephrogenic Rests

+ Posttherapy Histologic Classification (select all that apply)

Distant Metastasis
Note: Distant metastasis category includes both hematogenous metastasis or lymph node metastasis outside the abdomen-pelvic region (beyond the renal drainage system).

Children’s Oncology Group Staging System

Lymph nodes

+ Ancillary Molecular/Genetic Studies

+ Known Underlying Genetic Syndrome